Reflexology / Reiki / Aromatherapy / Massage

Reflexology is the natural healing art and science of applying pressure to the feet (sometimes hands and face) to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes. Reflexes in the feet correspond to every organ and part of the body and by working on these reflexes, the body can return to a state of equilibrium. Circulation is increased, the nervous system is tuned, blockages of energy are released, stress is reduced, elimination of toxins is sped up and thus, healing occurs naturally. For example, an overactive (hyper) or underactive (hypo) thyroid can be brought back to normal with reflexology.

1/2 hour = $35

45 minute = $45

1 hour = $55

Add custom blended aromatherapy foot massage at end of treatment $5


Reiki is a very gentle healing process that can take one into a very deep state of relaxation. It is a non-invasive hands-on therapy that is generally done on the body fully clothed. It helps to restore and balance the spirit, energy centres (chakras) and the aura which in turn makes one feel very peaceful and stress-free and also helps to heal the physical body. Hands are placed on different areas of the body and the spiritual warmth from the hands is felt to penetrate the body. It is one of the most stress relieving therapies and has no contra-indications.

$1 per minute, (30 minute minimum)


Aromatherapy is the art and science of understanding and combining therapeutic natural essential oils to form a blend unique to an individual’s health needs. Essential oils are the most powerful part of a plant and contain specific therapeutic properties which synergistically and chemically match the body’s chemistry. Pharmaceutical companies actually copy chemicals in essential oils to create their drugs but the drugs do not have the same holistic effect on the body. Essential oils are powerful healing agents and can be anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, anti-viral, relaxing, energizing, detoxifying, cell-regenerating, cancer-inhibiting, analgesic, toning, regulating, healing….the list goes on and on. An aromatherapist should be consulted when blending oils as there are contra-indications for some and the therapeutic properties of each oil are quite involved. Essential oils affect the limbic system, where memory is stored, and therefore can effect the emotional state of an individual as well. An aromatherapy relaxation massage increases the desired effects of a massage and smells divine! The massage can be tailored to your needs also as far as pressure, area of treatment and depth.
1/2 hour Aromatherapy Massage = $40

45 minute Aromatherapy Massage = $55

1 hour Aromatherapy Massage = $70

“Denise’s reflexology is wonderful, incredible; it’s like having new feet. Just unbelievable…everybody should do it! It’s heaven! I have also been able to reduce my thyroid medication since doing the reflexology!”  Wanda Parkinson

“My feet felt wonderful after a reflexology with Denise and it had a wonderful effect on the rest of my body. I am happy and content. It helped to relax everything. I find the connection between the feet and the body amazing.”  Stefanie Jones 

“Miss Denise has been very productive with helping me relax mentally and physically with her aromatherapy massage. My back is much more aligned and I feel better after every treatment.”  Deepak - Port Alberni 

“I have been receiving reflexology treatments from Denise for over 4 years and thoroughly enjoy and benefit from it. Aside from the relaxation benefits from the manipulation, massage and essential oils , I notice health benefits as well. I sleep better and have more energy following a treatment. I wholeheartedly recommend  Denise's treatments.”  John Runke

“Denise gives a great aromatherapy massage that has relieved my migraines and reduced my insomnia and stress. She is a life saver to me.”  Terese H. 

“I've been receiving reflexology from Denise for the past 8 months or so. I decided to try this after I could no longer function normally with my plantar fasciatis. Since getting reflexology on a weekly/bi weekly basis I am back to running 3 times a week and am able to walk/stand without the pain affecting my daily routine”  Erin Trocha

"I have know Denise Smekal for sometime now and have found that her healing hand technique has helped me considerably with my well being. Denise is a very caring and professional person. I would certainly recommend Denise at "The Healed Soul" to anyone in need of her services"  Ray - Parksville

 "I came to see Denise for severe pain in my right leg; After a number of sessions, the pain left completely and has never come back. My husband came with sciatica and neck pain which had been bothering him for a long while; After seeing Denise for treatments, the pain completely disappeared. We have  both been pain-free for a number of years since then." Carmen and Antonio Segui